Other Achievements
Whilst employed by BeeBee, Ali restored a wide range of bikes including: Honda CR93, RG 500 Suzukis, G50 Matchless, Rocket 3s, Yamaha 500s, Manx Nortons, Kawasaki 750 triples, 750 Yamahas and 1000cc Vincents.

GT 40
Over a period of 3 years Ali and David Hoskison completely rebuilt a Ford replica GT40. All the panels had to be made out of aluminium sheet. It was a real challenge. After all the work David sold it for a TVR! Click to see the finished car.

Formula Junior Race Car
Another 3 year effort was a Formula junior race car Ali and Mike Hoskison built. They completely rebuilt and restored the car to a superb standard. Again a serious challenge and a good job they were in the metal business because of all the materials that were needed. Click to see the finished car.

Model T
Ali did a small amount of work assisting David with the restoration of his Model T, pictured here with David and his wife Dendra. David and Dendra travel the country attending 'T rallies. Click the image for a larger picture.
click for larger image

Claim to Fame:
Ali once raced against Mike ‘the Bike’ Hailwood. 'theBike'
Ali’s Hero:
Giacomo Agostini — the race ace of Ali’s day - who was plastered all over his schoool rough book.Giacomo Agostini