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Whilst employed by BeeBee, Ali restored a wide range of bikes including: Honda CR93, RG 500 Suzukis, G50 Matchless, Rocket 3s, Yamaha 500s, Manx Nortons, Kawasaki 750 triples, 750 Yamahas and 1000cc Vincents.

GT 40
Over a period of 3 years Ali and David Hoskison completely rebuilt a Ford replica GT40. All the panels had to be made out of aluminium sheet. It was a real challenge. After all the work David sold it for a TVR! Click to see the finished car.

Formula Junior Race Car
Another 3 year effort was a Formula junior race car Ali and Mike Hoskison built. They completely rebuilt and restored the car to a superb standard. Again a serious challenge and a good job they were in the metal business because of all the materials that were needed. Click to see the finished car.

Model T
Ali did a small amount of work assisting David with the restoration of his Model T. David and Dendra travel the country attending 'T rallies. Click for photo

Claim to Fame:
Ali once raced against Mike 'the Bike' Hailwood.

Ali's Hero:
Giacomo Agostini - the race ace of Ali's day - who was plastered all over his schoool rough book.

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